How to Help

The Washington Ferry Coalition urges its members, business organizations, ferry communities, transportation advocates and all others who care about an effective and reliable state transportation system to tell the state legislature that you support a Statewide Transportation Package to fund ferry construction and conversion and meet other critical transportation needs across the state this legislative session.

Use this Find Your Legislator tool to type in your address and find the Senator and Representatives from your Legislative District. Or, use the contact information below:

Laurie Jinkins, Speaker of the House 27th [email protected]
Andy Billig, Senate Majority Leader 3rd [email protected]
Senate Transportation Committee    
Steve Hobbs, Chair 44th [email protected]
Rebecca Saldana, Vice Chair 37th [email protected]
Curtis King, Ranking Member 14th [email protected]
Annette Cleveland 49th [email protected]
Mona Das 47th [email protected]
Phil Fortunato 31st [email protected]
Brad Hawkins 12th [email protected]
Liz Lovelett 40th [email protected]
Joe Nguyen 34th [email protected]
T’wina Nobles 28th T’[email protected]
Mike Padden 4th [email protected]
Emily Randall 26th [email protected]
Tim Sheldon 35th [email protected]
Claire Wilson 30th [email protected]
Jeff Wilson 19th [email protected]
House Transportation Committee    
Jake Fey, Chair 27th [email protected]
Sharon Wylie, 1st Vice Chair 49th [email protected]
Dan Bronoske, 2nd Vice Chair 28th [email protected]
Bill Ramos, 2nd Vice Chair 5th [email protected]
Andrew Barkis, Ranking Minority Member 2nd [email protected]
Carolyn Eslick, Asst. Ranking Minority Member 39th [email protected]
Eric Robertson, Asst. Ranking Minority Member 31st [email protected]
Mike Volz, Asst. Ranking Minority Member 6th [email protected]
Liz Berry 36th [email protected]
Mike Chapman 24th [email protected]
Tom Dent 13th [email protected]
Davina Duerr 1st [email protected]
Debra Entenman 47th [email protected]
Keith Goehner 12th [email protected]
Dan Griffey 35th [email protected]
David Hackney 11th [email protected]
Mark Klicker 16th [email protected]
John Lovick 44th [email protected]
Bob McCaslin 4th [email protected]
Ed Orcutt 20th [email protected]
Dave Paul 10th [email protected]
Alex Ramel 40th [email protected]
Marcus Riccelli 3rd [email protected]
Vandana Slatter 48th [email protected]
Robert Sutherland 39th [email protected]
Jamila Taylor 30th [email protected]
Javier Valdez 46th [email protected]
Jim Walsh 19th [email protected]
Emily Wicks 38th [email protected]